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Are you looking for a trusted and sturdy vehicle? Haley Auto in Virginia is fully stocked with a range of Volvo models that offer sleek lines and luxury amenities. Our new and pre-owned inventory ensure that we have what you are looking for one of our lots. Not only will Haley Auto in Virginia transfer the vehicle to the lot nearest you, they will work hard to find the features that you want in your next vehicle. Start your search online today with Haley Auto!

The Volvo SUV You Have Been Dreaming Of

The Volvo XC90 is an SUV on the market that is high-quality, high class, and highly addictive.  The sophistication of the Volvo XC90 outshines every other SUV on the market. What you will find with this vehicle is more than just for doors and seating for 5 to 7. In fact, you will find an intelligent built in with Wi-Fi and easy to use navigation technology. Not only can you explore this vehicle online at Haley Auto in Virginia, you can come and visit us to test drive it today.

Volvo Helps Keep You Safe

The high end sedan market embraces technology of the future. The Volvo S90 is no exception. Not only is it equipped with a camera system and smart lighting that curves to where you need to see, but also adapted cruise control keeps you safe when traffic gets unpredictable. The 2018 Volvo S90 even comes with optional pilot assist. This feature will not only measure distance between cars it can modify the car's speed to keep everyone safe. As cars get smarter so do the front and passenger airbag system and automatic braking.  Find out how the new Volvo S 90 can be your vehicle by visiting a reputable sales member at Haley Auto.

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