Ford Near Lynchburg, VA

Ford Dealer Near Lynchburg, VA

Once you have seen the rest, get into Haley Auto for your Ford Near Lynchburg, VA. With an impressive array of stock, matched only by a professional and helpful staff, your purchasing experience will be second to none when you buy your new Ford from this dealership. Helping you to navigate your way through the purchase, our experienced staff will go the extra mile to ensure that the Ford you buy suits your needs with financing that works with your budget. Call in or phone today to schedule a visit at our Virginia Ford dealership.

Ford Fusion Energi Near Lynchburg, VA

Enjoy every drive when you spend less time in the gas station and more time on the road or at home where you want to be. Boasting a range of 104 miles per gallon, the benefit of hybrids is obvious. The Ford Fusion Energi Near Lynchburg, VA is the hybrid with more, allowing you to plug in and recharge. The Energi possesses premium audio and a range of comfort features sure to make your drive more comfortable.

Ford Fusion Hybrid Near Lynchburg, VA

What is better than one motor? Two motors. Especially when one is electric and costs you nothing to run. Regenerative braking, which harnesses the energy lost during braking to recharge the battery, means that your drive will take on a very different economy than you are used to. What makes it even better, is that this capable vehicle has been designed to give you all the safety, comfort, and tech features that most other hybrids sacrifice. Get your Ford Fusion Hybrid Near Lynchburg, VA.

Ford Mustang Near Lynchburg, VA

With a name that is synonymous with American muscle, the Ford Mustang Near Lynchburg, VA is sure to offer a model that will get your motor running. Offering a responsive ride and precise handling, you will love every twist and turn on the road, just as much as this performance vehicle. Get a new lease on life in this classically styled fastback that offers all the modern conveniences.

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